Second and last residency work of the project. It reunited the whole team of MATRIZ, keeping the same logic of development, research and creation laboratory.

After a series of experiments developed in the first residency in Montemor-o-Novo, this moment was used to solidify the MATRIZ software (version 0.2) and an integrated hardware component.

Each of the 3 rooms had a similar and integrated MATRIZ system:

> a raspberry pi with a debian/jessie operative system and a set of applications (Python software using the GStreamer Framework + Jack) that allowed a high quality audio network connection between the three rooms, routing / listening management, and the coordination of the audio signal to the online broadcast;
> an audio interface that allows simultaneous sending and receiving of the audio signal to/from the other two spaces;
> an audio mixer to engineer the room sound (musicians’ line audio + PA output with the sound of the other two rooms.)

As in the previous residency, in Oficinas do Convento, there was a concert in Sonoscopia during the last day of this working session.

During this performance there was a new challenge in the way the online audience could listen to the performance. Unlike the first concert in Montemor-o-Novo, instead of a live pre-mixed broadcast of the three rooms, the online audience could make their own mix of the concert.
An interface with three audio faders was built, each fader controlling the audio output from a room where a separate group of musicians were playing.


As for the music - following what happened in Montemor-o-Novo - there was also a new challenge, the development of small musical pieces that keep the immersion and the remote collaboration aspect, given the distance and lack of direct communication between members of the ensemble.


First research/creation/collaboration laboratory between the artistic team, which included computer programmers, musicians and sound artists.

Space dedicated to the experiment of MATRIZ version 0.1.

The proposal for these days was to occupy three different rooms at Oficinas do Convento, each one of them inhabited by a group of musicians. Some predefined exercises were developed which led to the exploration of composition mechanisms and free improvisation using the MATRIZ software as the main basis for articulation.

One of the objectives of this first residency was based on the creation of a virtual immersive space between the three rooms, which allowed the musicians to work together consciously, considering a set of implicit challenges with the physical distance between the ensemble.
The aim of this phase of the project was to decide on a set of automations of the MATRIZ software with which the musicians were challenged to interact and articulate.

This residency finished with a concert that offered two different ways for the audience to experience it: watching the live concert in loco (being able to move from room to room); listening to a live mixed version of the concert, broadcasted in