Between November of 2015 and May of 2016 the first version of the MATRIZ software was developed, allowing three groups of geographically parted musicians/sound artists to play as an ensemble and in real time. Three tests were done, with the musicians a few meters apart (in the same building, in three separate rooms, sharing the same ethernet connection) and with distancies between them of 150Km to 400Km (Montemor-o-Novo / Porto / Lisboa, via internet connection.)

Along the residencies, the various software testing situations lead to new understandings of its musical and broadcast possibilities:

> compositional possibilities involving the interaction between the three rooms were tried out - taking the latencies of the system into account or controlling who could hear whom during the performance;

> The software also allowed multiple listening possibilities, either for the online or the local audiences, through various sound routing options (stereo mix of the whole ensemble; three stereo signals from the three rooms; etc.) For the online audience an interface was created on the website consisting of three volume faders, each corresponding to a transmitting city. This way the online audience could set it’s listening options and, thus, it’s route through the performances.

In order to continue the experiments carried out during this project, all the code of the first version of the MATRIZ software is entirely available, open to the artistic community: